The Twitter Marketing Strategy That Is Almost Never Discussed

In actuality, it is a lot more potent instrument than Facebook when it comes to generating a sizable fan audience (or subscription base, if you want) without a hefty advertising spend. In order to keep your Facebook page’s “likes” up, you need to attract people to it through effective promotion.

If you want something to grow to any significant size, you’ll need two things:

Your blog or Facebook page receives a lot of “organic” visitors who are already familiar with you and your business; among these visitors, a certain number will choose to “like” you or your page, or interact with your blog’s Facebook social plugin.

You launch a Facebook ad campaign with the goal of getting visitors to visit a landing page where they would be offered an incentive to “like” your page.

The problem with Facebook is that it can be quite expensive to conduct a marketing campaign to increase your followers, therefore the only firms with tens of millions of “likes” are the big ones like Coke and Pepsi, which have the resources to pay for such campaigns. (to check out some of these businesses, go to “The World’s 20 Most Popular Facebook Pages”)

Social Media’s Impact on Twitter

Because of the nature of Twitter’s network, you may “pull” other users to follow you just by following them.

For what reason does this plan succeed? Yet, most Twitter beginners are unaware of a little-known rule of “etiquette” that states if you follow someone, a certain percentage of them should follow you back. Once you have someone following you on Twitter, your updates will display in their Twitter “stream,” even if that number is only 20% or 50%.

When you check your follower count the next day or a few hours after following 100 individuals, you will see an increase of 20-30 people.

The Problem

Getting a huge number of followers with widely varying interests is only part of the problem; if you’re a wine merchant or manufacturer, for example, there’s little use expecting automotive enthusiasts to read your updates. To build a “quality” focused Twitter following, you need to attract users that have an interest in your chosen themes.

So how can you, as a business or personal brand, gain followers that are interested in your field so that you may wow them with your unique and exciting insights and news that is relevant to your market and start connecting with them?

Targeted, High-Quality Followers on Twitter: A Useful Tool, a free service with a database of 30.5 million Twitter accounts organised into hundreds of categories, is one of the Twitter tools I’ve found most helpful.

Twellow allows you to

  • Start with a search and then
  • Two, stick with the crowd

Method for Twitter

This strategy of “following” is determined by the users’ stated preferences on their Twitter profile. If you type in a topic like “wine,” for example, a list of influential users who have shown an interest in wine when they signed up for Twitter will appear; you can then follow them directly from the tool by clicking the blue “Follow” button.

This strategy will help you get your Twitter account off the ground by attracting an audience that is already interested in what you have to say.

Keep in mind that after you have followers, you need to maintain their attention by tweeting engaging and relevant “Headlines” and “links” to articles and YouTube videos. Provide not just connections to your own content, but also links to external websites and stuff that will be of interest to and help your followers.