Influencer marketing on TikTok is still in its existence, with far fewer influencers active on the site. Even TikTok’s commercial offerings are relatively new, having begun earlier this year. Readership declines have resulted in lower advertising income and, as a result, a worse return on marketer spend. With the rise of social media, several of the major networks are finding their way into advertising. 

Fortunately, new networks are experiencing a surge in popularity. Nowadays, reaching potential clients with advertising messaging has become significantly more challenging. People are rapidly adopting ad blockers due to frustration with sluggish download speeds and cluttered pages. 

What Kind Of Content Performs Well On Tiktok?

TikTok excels in one thing: short-form video. Originally, TikTok films were restricted to 15 seconds, but users may now upload videos lasting up to a minute. TikTok recently used it for show pranks, brief dances, jokes, food demonstrations, and music videos, among other things. As with Instagram, TikTok must help shoot videos.

Different types of cooperation are possible for several items. For instance, a designer of evening wear may hire an influencer to perform in their garments. Similarly, demonstrating the newest gaming controllers can probably be accomplished in less than a minute. Likewise, you may recycle food and several other consumer products. As with different types of programs, it is critical to properly plan your TikTok influencer marketing approach.

In The Current Marketing Environment, How Are Brands Utilising Tiktok?

Paid advertising

TikTok, like other social media platforms, allows sponsored advertising. There are several types of sponsored advertisements accessible. To begin, you may pay to have your video distributed across people’s feeds. Paid ads are comparable to sponsored postings on Facebook. Second, some experiences are built on special effects. 

When a user logs into the TikTok app, a brand takeover advertising displays, it’s a costly choice, but it quickly generates a high volume of impressions. Hashtag challenges allow users to produce films and accompany them with a branded hashtag.

Natural reach

In comparison to Facebook, TikTok has thus far maintained a sizable organic reach for commercial posts. Upload more videos to your profile, or you can just buy TikTok likes for specific videos where folks can discover and share your content across platforms. Subscribers are the first step toward distribution, and the video will hopefully go viral.

If you find the same question repeatedly appearing in your comments, you can either respond directly in the comments area or make a completely new video in response. You may discover that your audience is interested in something you never considered amusing or informative, which you can leverage in your recurring content marketing strategy!

Examples Of TikTok Influencer Campaigns


As most of us know, Walmart is well-known for offering just a little bit of everything at a reasonable price. They do, however, occasionally provide specials. Walmart sponsored a dance competition dubbed the #SavingsShuffle, in which consumers were encouraged to demonstrate how saving money at Walmart made them feel by uploading videos of their dancing routines. Six TikTok influencers were recruited, resulting in close to two billion hashtag impressions.

Too Faced Cosmetics

Makeup firms are well-known for their tutorials. Regrettably, 60 seconds is usually never enough time to demonstrate your makeup abilities. Too Faced responded to this challenge by collaborating with Damn Girl to sell Damn Girl mascara. Influencers showed her lashes sans mascara in these before and after shots. They next applied the mascara and displayed her much enhanced lashes.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is primarily a platform for entertainment. To succeed as a TikTok influencer, you must amuse your audience in your unique manner. Select a less popular niche and devise a unique method of delivering your material. Additionally, it is critical to understand your target audience so that you can choose the sort of material that works best for them.

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