Here Are The Top 10 Ways That Hotels Can Promote Their Services On Social Media

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and even Pinterest are popular sources of inspiration, whether buyers are looking for recommendations from recognised influencers, following travel accounts that offer wanderlust-inducing images. 

Hotels, especially in highly competitive areas or among younger populations, must have a social media presence if they wish to survive and thrive.

To increase their client base and raise their profile in the hospitality business, hotels should prioritise building an efficient social media strategy because of the importance of their online presence in making them an attractive place to stay.

Here are the five finest ideas to include in your social media marketing plan, whether you’re just getting started or seeking to broaden your approach.

Identify Yourself

The ability to present a more human facet of your company is one of social media’s greatest strengths. Putting a face, or numerous faces, to your hotel’s name increases its impact.

Showing actual people in your images and videos instead of just products or office interiors can make your followers feel more connected to you and your brand.

Use Condensed Video

With the growth of social media services like TikTok, short-form video may now be the most popular content type overall.

Instagram now supports video posts in the form of “Reels,” and you can also embed shorter pieces on Facebook, your website, or in email marketing materials to spread your highly engaging content to more people.

Affiliate With Opinion Leaders

If a hotel wants to boost their social media presence, influencer marketing is a great option.

It may help you come up with fresh ideas for content, connect with new audiences, and even boost your brand’s reputation through positive association.

When deciding on an influencer marketing approach, hotels may pick from a wide variety of possibilities.

Determine the people who are most likely to stay at your hotel, and then reach out to influencers whose audiences coincide with those of your ideal guests.

Offer Sole Representation

When it comes to social media, consistency across platforms is key, but so is providing something unique for each.

In this approach, you can build up your hotel’s reputation and encourage your followers to interact with your business on several platforms.

Your client loyalty will increase as you build a sense of “exclusive community” among your followers and encourage them to interact across all of your channels.

Take the Seasons into Account

All hotels take seasonality into account when it comes to revenue, and you should do the same while planning your social media strategy.

Whether it’s peak or off-season for your hotel, you probably have different priorities in mind, therefore it’s important to tailor your social media content accordingly.

On the other side, during slower periods of the year, you should modify your social material in order to keep followers or increase engagement by providing discounts or highlighting various experiences in order to improve reservations.

Respond quickly

Whether you’re addressing a complaint or just saying “thanks” for a review, communicating with your consumers is crucial to building rapport, improving the quality of your service, and generating positive feedback.

Your hotel’s reputation will improve and guest engagement will increase if they feel like their opinions matter to you. That will help your content do better in social media.

Respond to Feedback

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram provide guests with an easy method to submit feedback on their experience at your hotel and the quality of the services you provide, providing a clear picture of where your brand is and where it may grow.

Take Note of Successful Media

In the same vein as adopting measures, you may adjust and fine-tune your social media approach according on the performance of individual postings.

Then, you may use what you’ve learned to improve the performance of future social media postings by applying the same principles to similar material in new permutations.

Put Money Into Facebook and Instagram Ads

Buying Facebook adverts hotel advertising materials should be shown to people who aren’t interacting with your content but who fit your target demographic.

If you incorporate retargeting into your strategy, it may also be an excellent way to boost conversions by expanding your audience and raising brand awareness.

Instagram is another wonderful channel to invest in if you want to raise brand awareness and boost click-through rates for your hotel’s website, however your target demographics and ad design approach may be different from those of other businesses in your industry.

Tend to Promote Reviews on TripAdvisor

Although not at first glance, TripAdvisor is a social media network with a sizable audience that may substantially affect how guests see your hotel.

Hotels may take control of their online profiles by claiming their listings on travel booking sites and making the necessary edits to attract potential guests.

Concluding Remarks

Traditional travel sector social media marketing consisted on sharing content on just one or two channels. It’s become a major part of marketing for hotels worldwide.

Using numerous channels to disseminate information and spark dialogues is essential, but so is making informed decisions about which channels to use depending on your intended audience, the kind of information you plan to disseminate, and the means at your disposal.