Putting Your Employees First And Building Your Company’s Image

Synopsis of Episode

The day when social media’s only purpose was to increase site traffic is long gone. It’s a destination in and of itself, thus it must exist independently.

Social Media Manager at HiBob and all-around smart guy Ale Schlesinger drops by the Beyond the Post podcast to talk about the development of social media, employer branding, and employee advocacy.

Here, Ale discusses her approach to social media at her HR technology company. Incorporating the corporate slogan “put your people first” into their social media strategy is a natural fit for modern HR, which is focused on the happiness and success of each individual employee. Listen in to find out how she makes the HiBob social channels so interesting and conversational that you can’t help but stop what you’re doing and pay attention.

In the last segment, Ale discusses her creative process, the two things your employee advocacy content must do, and why authenticity is the key to successfull personal branding to employer branding.

  • Moreover, Olivia and Ale discuss TikTok and reveal some of the processes involved in making a video on the platform.
  • Ale’s main focus when it comes to content creation: Employer branding strategy and recommendations that will make people stop scrolling!

  • Meet Ale Ale (short for Alexandra and not pronounced like Ginger Aleā€¦hence her TikTok handle @notthegingerale), a therapist and writer who discovered a love for content marketing and social media while seeking for a way to combine her two passions. Social media is a creative outlet for her, and she tackles it with a psychological perspective. HiBob is a software as a service (SaaS) that was inspired by Ale’s perspective to enable businesses truly “put your people first.
  • Ale was born in Miami, Florida to Argentinian parents, although he has resided in Israel for the past 13 years. Yet for the time being, she and her family (a husband, two boys, a dog, and a bird) are still residing in Israel. During her five months of maternity leave, she caught up on all 23 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 and was also first in line at her local Borders to get the seventh Harry Potter book.

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