Strategies For Agency Instagram Story Collages

True story: elevating your Instagram marketing strategy requires mastering the art of the Instagram Story collage.

You can fit more content into a single, 15-second presentation by using a Story collage. For those of your followers who already check Instagram Stories daily, this is a great way to keep their interest.

Here are 11 tried-and-true Instagram Story collage concepts your firm may employ to advertise its clients’ businesses.

Just what is a “collage” in an Instagram Story?

A photo collage on Instagram is a single Story page consisting of numerous individual photos.

A Story collage allows you to offer more information in one interaction than would be possible by sharing many photographs as individual slides.

Instagram collages may be shared via either Reels or Stories. However, Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories differ in a few key ways.

Instagram Stories allows you to use stickers to combine numerous photos into one.
Highlights of a client’s stories can be stored and displayed prominently at the very top of their profile.
You may reach a wider audience by posting a reel on Instagram, as it is more widely searchable.
Unlike Stories, which are limited to 15 seconds in length, Reels allow you to post videos up to 90 seconds in length.

You may also make a typical Instagram post consisting of a collection of photos. But you won’t have the customization options or replay functionality that Instagram Stories (or Reels) provide.

Eleven Instagram collage concepts for businesses

Here are 11 Instagram Story collage ideas that can help your audience become more well-known on the social media platform:

  1. Make a collage of random photos. A picture dump is a massive archive of unedited photos related to a single subject or event. You may display your full picture dump in one go with a Story collage, eliminating the need for your audience to scroll through each individual shot.
  2. Put up some “before” and “after” pictures. Show your audience the before and after of utilising your product, service, or plan in a fast side-by-side comparison. Create collages that intrigue your viewers and encourage them to read your longer pieces. (tutorials, product reviews, etc.).
  3. Showcase your wares from every vantage point. Exhibit the front, back, top, and sides of your client’s goods. Create a photo collage instead of individual articles or slides in a Story to save your audience time.
  4. Put out some “behind the scenes” material. Give the audience a glimpse into your client’s company’s culture to gain their trust. Using raw photographs in a collage enhances the credibility of behind-the-scenes material.
  5. Display a variety of product uses or attributes. Make a collage using Story to describe the many benefits of your client’s product. The focal points of the product may be highlighted in a collage, and niche features and applications can be showcased with ease.
  6. Promote the greatest aspects of a certain place. Showcase the most Instagrammable images of a place, whether it’s your client’s business or a famous monument. Story collages highlight the fact that a place is interesting from more than one point of view.
  7. Please describe the many options and modes. If your customer develops software (business tools, mobile apps, video games, etc.), you may show off the many features of their product in a Story collage. Exhibit a range of settings for personalization, including bright and dark themes, menu choices, and platform variants.
  8. Gather the constituents or resources. Make a story collage highlighting the steps involved in a DIY project or cooking preparation. If your customer operates in the culinary, home improvement, or creative industries, this will prove handy.
  9. Highlight accomplishments. Post a collage that illustrates the major phases of a procedure. Image something like a “before and after” collage, but with glimpses of the transitional stages.
  10. Note the items you value most. Create a photo collage of the top examples in a certain field. Tools, alternatives to products, destinations, influential people to follow, books to read, and so on all fall under this category.
  11. Make use of a rainbow of hues. Make a collage displaying all the available colour options for your client’s goods. Products in the fashion, technology, art, automotive, and pet care industries are all included.
  12. Disseminate works created by your users. Create a collage of good feedback for your customer, such as comments, reviews, testimonials, and other stories.

Here are six easy ways to create better Instagram picture collages.

  1. Make sure every element of every photo you post to your Instagram Story is legible by using the proper aspect ratio.
  2. Find out how to add music to your Instagram story and increase the amount of interaction with your posts.
  3. The greatest questions to ask on Instagram Story can make your post more engaging and interesting.
  4. You may use a social media publishing software to schedule your Instagram Story to go live at optimal times.
  5. Using the “link” sticker (for guidance on how to share a YouTube video on your Instagram Story, see “How to share a YouTube video on Instagram Story”), you may direct your audience to additional in-depth material on other sites.
  6. Distribute UGC to improve your company’s reputation.