Instagram’s Explore and hashtag pages are essential tools for expanding one’s audience and visibility. So it might be discouraging to discover that your profile is suddenly being hidden from view.

Surely you’ve heard of the Instagram Shadowban by now. You may have also come across a number of posts lamenting the decline in popularity of Instagram profiles.

You may have been shadowbanned if you see that your engagement drops down unexpectedly, whether on a specific hashtag or the Explore page. But what exactly is a shadowban on Instagram?

A sudden drop in interaction or a sudden loss of followers is every Instagram marketer’s worst fear. Think about the consequences if your photographs were hidden from hashtag searches. Isn’t that a little bit scary?

The issue of users’ content not appearing for certain hashtags was addressed in a statement Instagram sent to their Facebook business page in February 2019.

The Instagram Shadowban: What Is It?

In other words, what is a shadowban on Instagram? There seems to be more speculation and hearsay than hard information on the shadowban.

When Instagram hides your content from users, it is said that you have been “shadowbanned.”

Instagram users, creators, and businesses that want to grow will be frustrated by this.

This practise, known as “shadowbanning,” involves concealing the fact that a user’s access to their social media accounts has been restricted.

You probably won’t even notice if you’ve been shadowbanned on Instagram. A user’s Instagram feed will not display your post unless they are following your profile. Your shadowban will extend to your followers’ programmed postings if they have access to your account.

If you are shadowbanned, people will have a much harder time finding and engaging with your content. It may have a chilling effect on your Instagram expansion as a whole. In extreme cases, it might even cause a decline in growth rate.

Surely that’s not the best method to launch a successful online advertising campaign.

While “Shadowban” isn’t a recognised phrase on Instagram, we do know how to check whether you’ve been shadowbanned. Instagram is able to de-emphasize user accounts. Unbeknownst to the poster, their posts may be hidden or censored.

This can prevent others from finding your content (or account) using hashtags and the Explore page. Sometimes it’s necessary to fully remove the content.

For content makers and e-commerce business owners who are eager to grow their communities and customer base, the mystery of Instagram shadowbans may be frightening.

In 2018, Instagram’s staff declared, “Shadowbanning is not a real thing,” meaning they do not hide content due to excessive hashtag use or other behaviours.

The Instagram Explore Page will no longer feature posts that are in compliance with Instagram’s audience Guidelines but are judged “inappropriate for our international community” a year after the announcement.

Thoughts on the Shadowban on Instagram

While the 5Ps of marketing are still important in the digital age, there are many more factors to consider.

The time for utilising fake information to grow your following is over. Following Instagram’s guidelines is essential for finding success on the app and avoiding a shadow ban.

The best method to prevent getting shadowbanned on Instagram is to post useful, genuine content and to follow best practises for growing your audience. Though it will take more time, those who keep at it will eventually succeed and avoid getting shadowbanned.

The Instagram feature of “shadowbanning” can drastically increase your profile’s visibility and interaction. It can ruin all of your future prospects and development.

If you abide by Instagram’s rules, you shouldn’t run into any trouble.

No one knows for sure if Instagram shadowbans exist, but it’s better to be safe than sorry if you don’t want to cope with the fallout or endanger your account’s development.