The Complete Guide: Instagram Influencer Marketing

Presently, the gold standard of social media advertising is Instagram influencer marketing. Instagram, more than any other network, is where influencers’ material is seen by the most people. Because of this, it’s the most crucial social media channel for influencer marketers to grasp.

Everything you need to know to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign on Instagram is detailed in this comprehensive guide.

We’ve included more information in our guide on why and how to utilise Instagram for influencer marketing. We will also provide detailed instructions on how to develop a successful Instagram influencer marketing plan to help you get started.

Instagram influencer marketing: what exactly is it?

Instagram influencer marketing is a form of word-of-mouth advertising that makes advantage of influential users of the social media platform.

These people have made their names for themselves as bloggers or social media content creators who are recognised authorities in their field. Their devotees hold them in high esteem as reliable leaders who can be relied upon to provide sound advice.

Instagram Is Perfect For Influencer Marketing, But Why?

The use of influencers in advertising on social media has exploded in recent years. 

But what exactly do you get out of Instagram? What makes it such a crucial social media platform for your influencer marketing initiative, anyway?

When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram has no real competitors (not even Twitter, Facebook, or even the up-and-comer TikTok).

The worldwide Instagram influencer industry is expected to be worth over $2 billion by 2020, with over 6 million brand-sponsored influencer posts.

Instagram may not have the most monthly active users, but its engagement rates much above those of Facebook.

Instagram Ads Based On Influencer Types

The following are the top seven Instagram influencer marketing strategies. Any number of these can be used for your group project.

Promoted Instagram Posts

Instagram influencer campaigns often take the form of sponsored posts. They are also the least complicated.

By collaborating on such postings with an influencer, you are entirely transferring the expenses and risks of content production to them. The material your company produces runs the risk of not resonating with its intended demographic. Influencer marketing is all about tapping into the authority of influential people.

There is no financial outlay required for things like content development tools, a dedicated creative staff, or anything like. Instead, you should just pay the influencer what they’re worth, which can still be rather cheap if you’re dealing with nano- or micro-influencers. 

Promotion Via Affiliation

If you’re looking to collaborate with a large number of Instagram celebrities, an affiliate influencer marketing campaign is the way to go. The price is right, and it’s flexible. You may reach the followers of many influential people this way. And it definitely correlates with sales and the bottom line.

What is the procedure?

To do this, you might offer exclusive discount codes or links to each of your social media influencers. This code or link is distributed in the text, images, videos, subtitles, etc. of the material. They also send their followers to your store, where they may save money by making a purchase using a special discount code or affiliate link.

Opinions and Box-Breaking

Product seeding through reviews and unboxing videos gives influencers an opportunity to put your product front and centre.

Posts of this review-style inside an influencer marketing campaign provide consumers insight into the opinion of the influencer themselves. Through unpacking films, they plant the seed on the customer’s purchase path by attracting attention to aspects like branding and packaging that are sometimes neglected yet crucial.

Customers can use reviews as a kind of advice when deciding what to buy. A customer’s decision to purchase a product may be affected by the opinions of influencers. Make a unique canvas painting of the influencer’s dog and give it to them for an unpacking video.

Hosted Instagram Accounts

The brand may also provide the influencer access to the brand’s social media platforms. During the influencer’s administration of the brand’s Instagram account, they will “take over” the account and post branded material.

The duration of the takeover is flexible and can range from a few hours to a week, depending on the preferences of the influencer and the company.

Because the firm has to give the influencer access to the accounts, takeovers do require a little more trust than other sorts of influencer campaigns. Using a password manager is a smart way to simplify and secure account takeovers.

Takeovers, which frequently use Instagram Stories and Lives, can also lessen the brand’s control over the material that is being distributed. Live or in-the-moment content cannot be pre-approved.

Free Stuff & Contests on Instagram

Influencer marketing strategies that include contests and prizes help not just the brand but also its followers. Your product is being advertised. The chance to expand one’s influencer base is a boon to the influencer. Plus, they may offer your items as free giveaways to their Instagram followers and other users.

The reach, engagement, and number of followers you have may all increase if you host a giveaway. You may get these advantages by having your influencer encourage their audience to follow and interact with both their account and the brand’s account. 


Using social media to promote a company’ products or services is now standard practise. One of the most important aspects of using social media to advance one’s brand and boost sales is mastering the art of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing on Instagram has exploded in recent years. It enables companies to have a conversation with their ideal customers on their own terms.

You may now utilise your newfound knowledge to successfully launch an Instagram marketing campaign and grow your company. When compared to traditional advertising, influencer marketing provides a number of advantages for your company, including the ability to raise visibility, expand your audience, and boost sales.