The 7 Best Instagram Analytics Apps For Tracking Your Account’s Growth In 2023

Among the world’s most active social sites, Instagram ranks fifth with more than 2 billion monthly active users. It’s crucial for brands, influencers, and regular people to use it to get their names out there, sell more stuff, build stronger relationships with customers, and expand their audiences. The advertising potential of Instagram’s 1.5 billion monthly users is enormous.

Here Are The Top 7 Instagram Analytics Platforms That Any Business Can Use

First Place: Statusbrew Analytics, the Best Instagram Analytics Platform Period.

There’s no need to predict that Statusbrew’s reporting and analytics platform is the top dog in the Instagram analytics space. You can quickly and simply create customised agency reports for your clients using the Analytics and Reports function, which gives in-depth insights into audience demography, team performance, and profile insights.

1. The Statusbrew Analytics and Reporting Tool: How Can Brands Benefit?

Statusbrew’s analytics section provides brands with a wealth of information that can be used to improve their Instagram presence and better understand their target demographic. Some examples of how companies may put Statusbrew’s analytics to work for them are below:

Quantify levels of participation

Brands can monitor vital engagement indicators like likes, comments, shares, and new followers with the use of Statusbrew’s analytics tool. This provides valuable insight for marketers on the reception of their content and the sorts of postings that generate the greatest interaction.

Marketers may use this information to inform their social media content strategy, allowing them to generate more relevant, personalised content.

Learn about your target market.

The statistics section of Statusbrew helps users better understand their audience by revealing information about them like as age, gender, geography, language, and more. Brands may learn more about their target demographic and how that demographic interacts with their content thanks to this.

Analyze the Competition

Brands may keep tabs on their rivals’ Instagram activity with the help of Statusbrew’s analytics tool. By doing so, they may learn how successful their rivals’ content strategies are.

Analyze the performance of Instagram ads

Brands can monitor important data like reach, engagement, and conversions with Statusbrew’s analytics function for Instagram campaigns. They may use this information to fine-tune their efforts and improve their future outcomes as a consequence.

2. The Best Industry Benchmarking Tool Is Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a well-liked Instagram analytics application that provides comprehensive data on the effectiveness of your account. In a personal dashboard with shared data, the technology provides information on content engagement and community expansion. Data from more than five social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, may be seen in a single personalised dashboard.

3. Squarespace Is Tops For Site Architecture

Squarelovin is an Instagram analytics and content production platform with several useful features for analysing a company’s or brand’s success on Instagram. Your account’s growth, likes and follows, post performance, and follower interactions can all be analysed using Squarelovin.

4. For Real-Time Analytics, Nothing Beats Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media dashboard that includes an Instagram statistics section. The tool’s primary function is to track the success of hashtag campaigns and calculate the return on investment (ROI) of influencers in order to assist businesses evaluate the value of these investments.

5. In the End, It’s Ideal for Data Visualization

Later is an Instagram analytics application that helps organisations with content scheduling, administration, and analytics.

Schedule your Instagram posts in advance, manage multiple accounts, and track your account’s analytics using Later. Its mobile app and intuitive drag-and-drop interface make it a valuable resource for organisations who need to produce and organise material on the fly.

6. Top Tool for Influencer Mapping

Using artificial intelligence, Analisa is an Instagram analytics tool that gives companies immediate feedback on topics such as the best times and types of posts to make, the material that has performed well, the social tactics of their rivals, the demographics of their audiences, and more. Profile analytics, follower analytics, and hashtag analytics are just a few of its many useful features.

Brandwatch Is The Best Tool For Keeping Tabs On How Brands Are Changing

Brandwatch is a powerful social media listening and analytics platform with a wide range of functions, including Instagram analytics. It’s an excellent choice for corporations in need of a full-featured social media listening and analytics platform.

Brandwatch is a useful tool for companies who want to monitor and analyse social media conversations about their brand thanks to its sophisticated capabilities including sentiment analysis and text analytics.

7. Raise the Bar on Instagram Statistics!

Your Instagram account analysis shouldn’t stop with Instagram’s own Insights feature. If you’re not using an Instagram analytics tool, you’re probably not making the most of your account since you’re missing out on a lot of useful data.

Data that is sometimes overlooked but may have a significant influence on your social media growth can be uncovered by using IG analytics tools. This includes everything from specific audience demographics and hashtag performance to competition analysis and campaign success.