Use These Advanced Tips & Tricks to Maximize the Potential of Your Reels

It should come as no surprise that Instagram’s Reels have become its most popular and rapidly expanding feature, given that they may improve the performance of your Instagram profile.
Let’s talk about some of the more complex and less intuitive elements of Reels that you might have overlooked. If you use these tools, it’s possible that your Reels efforts will be amplified and that you’ll gain even more followers with your video material.

Instagram Reels Voice Filters

Indeed, filters may now be applied to not just your face but also your voice. Previously, this was only possible with your face. And now, in addition to voiceovers, sound effects, and backing tracks, you can now transform your voice using filters, such as robotic, gigantic, or helium voice. This feature was not available before.

Under the Effects tab of the Reel editor, when you are editing your reel, you may pick any filter in the same manner that you select a music track to use as background sound in your films. Choose the filter you want to apply to the Reel, and then select the Done button to receive the preview of the effect. Then publish a Video as you typically would under those circumstances.

Instagram Templates for Highlight Reels

When you swipe up on Instagram to view Reels, you should have no trouble finding the option that says “Use this Reel as a Template” (or something similar). You may make the process of creating and editing videos on Instagram more efficient by using a tool called templates. This function gives you the ability to imitate the structure of other people’s Reels, which you may come across while browsing through other people’s video material on Instagram.
You can easily access templates by viewing Reels or by selecting the Template option while you are making a Reel. After then, all you have to do is choose images and videos from the collection on your phone, and they will be synchronised to the time of your Reel.

Comments on Instagram made using Reels

The choice to implement this function on Instagram in 2022 was undoubtedly influenced by TikTok’s popularity. You may now answer to people’s comments with a reel, much as you can on TikTok! When you do so, your remark will be transformed into a sticker that you will be able to put to your video in order to generate further interaction and even more comments.

To make advantage of this function, you will need to open one of your Reels and look for a comment that catches your eye. When you tap the Respond button, a new text box will appear beside a camera symbol in blue. Simply tap it to add a remark to the Video.

Reels Comprised of Selected Archival Highlights and Stories

If you find yourself running out of original concepts for Reels, you may recycle your previous Highlights and tales by compiling them into an interesting Reel. Just choose a highlight or an archived tale that you wish to turn into a Reel, and then click the Make option that is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Next all you need to do is follow the directions that appear on the screen to create a Reel using the information you already have.

You Can Now Upload Your Own Song to Instagram Reel

You have the ability to utilise your own music tracks in the backdrop of videos that you create using Instagram Reel. When you are in the Create mode, press the icon that looks like a music note to access the audio clip library. Then, tap the Import button. Choose the video that you would want to include in your reel. The user may select a clip, and Instagram will automatically extract the audio from it.

Beats are now automatically syncing with Instagram Reels

This function was designed specifically for those of you who do not enjoy modifying your Reels. All that is required of you is to post a number of photographs or videos all at once and then give Instagram permission to automatically sync them to a beat that Instagram has chosen. By selecting the Search button, you also have the option of choosing tunes from the audio collection.

Filming Instagram Reels Without Using Your Hands

Using this trick, sometimes known as hands-free recording, is a further approach to expedite the process of creating Reels.

Hands-free recording of an Instagram Reel can be accomplished by:

You may start a timer by clicking on the clock symbol that is located in the menu on the left.
Establish a countdown timer by selecting an interval between three and ten seconds.
Move the timer to the desired length of time, and the movie will play accordingly.

Lip-syncing that is spot on for Instagram Reels

It is not necessary to have perfect memorization of the words in order to achieve success when lip-syncing. Using the option that allows you to slow it down is the key to successfully lip-syncing each and every line. To utilise it, select a song or sound clip from the menu that appears when you press the music icon in the Create mode. Then, select a portion of the music that you would want to include in your Reel.

The video will then be slowed down by 300% once you choose the 1x icon and the 3x speed setting. Now record the reel and do your lip sync to the music going at a very slow pace. Don’t worry about that; the speed will return to normal when you preview the Reel, and you’ll appear to be moving at an amusingly rapid pace.