An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Video Length

How long are the ideal Instagram videos? Instagram is making one thing very obvious, however the answer differs and we’ll be breaking it down here. It puts a premium on reels, and you should as well.
While Instagram’s primary focus is on the Reel format, the platform supports a wide variety of video-based storytelling formats. All of Instagram’s video formats—Reels, Stories, Instagram Video, and Instagram Live—will be covered, along with their optimal running times.

Instagram Reels Length

Videos can be up to one minute long, while shorter ones are encouraged. Read on for further explanation.

Animoto makes it simple to adjust your video’s aspect ratio to a wide variety of formats, including the vertical 9:16 format.
Instagram now has “Reels,” its own version of the popular video-sharing app TikTok. Using Reels, anyone can make engaging videos (up to 60 seconds long) to share their unique brand of creativity and personality with the world.

Instagram has lately shared the advice that Reels should be as brief as possible, but has not provided a specific length limit.

Maintain Brevity. The greatest approach to reach our audience is through short, amusing films, and we’ve found that making reels is the way to go.

What, exactly, does “keep it short” mean in terms of time? TikTok films should be between 7 and 15 seconds long, but you should experiment with different durations to find what works best for your audience. The optimal duration of your videos may be six seconds or twenty seconds; you’ll never know unless you do experiments.

Make a Reel

Even if you’ve never made a reel before, you’ll find that using our premade templates is a breeze. Exciting reel material may be created with the use of tutorials, explainers, and tales. Use our Expert How-To template to showcase your knowledge in a specific area, or our Trendy Social Recipe template to show off your culinary prowess.

Timeframe for Instagram Stories

Time: 15 seconds
Vertical aspect ratio of 9:16: With Animoto, adjusting the size of your movie takes only a click.
Photos and videos sent to Instagram users’ Stories disappear after 24 hours (unless they are saved to Instagram Highlights, in which case they remain accessible eternally).

Instagram will automatically trim any videos longer than 15 seconds into sequential loops of 15 seconds each. From our testing, however, it appears that you will only get four 15-second portions, thus recordings up to 1 minute in length are out of luck.

Thus, Instagram is currently experimenting with extending the length of Stories to a full minute.

Users have been asking for a longer post length option in Stories, so we’re happy to oblige. So that people may make and watch Stories with fewer interruptions, we’re thrilled to try out 60-second Stories.

Stories may be made using any of our Animoto templates, and films longer than a minute can be cut up using programmes like CutStory or Instasize.

Make a Story

You’re welcome to use any of our Story templates, but here are a few tried-and-true suggestions.

Share your most memorable vacation experiences with your followers by customising our Vacation Recap template, generate buzz for your newest collection with our Collection Launch template, or spark conversation with a Fun Social Quote.
Time limit for Instagram videos (Feed Videos)

Time: around 60 minutes
The ratios are 1:1 for a square and 9:16 for a vertical. With Animoto, adjusting the size of your movie takes only a click.
Instagram stated in the autumn of 2021 that they will be merging IGTV and feed videos into a single format called Instagram Video. All Instagram Videos are now accessible without leaving the main app by hitting the video icon (the triangle play button symbol) above the grid while viewing a user’s profile.

These movies can be up to an hour long, but you’ll only be able to see a 60-second sample of them in your feed (unless they qualify for commercials, in which case you’ll only get a 15-second teaser).

Create a Video On Instagram

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri made the statement in 2021, “We’re no longer a photo-sharing app or a square photo-sharing app.” Then why not try Instagram Video and expand your audience? Instagram video has a wide range of potential uses.
Time spent on Instagram Live

Time: around 60 minutes
Vertical aspect ratio of 9:16: With Animoto, adjusting the size of your movie takes only a click.
With Instagram Live, users can see uncut footage of events as they unfold in real time.

You can only go live on Instagram for a maximum of 60 minutes at a time. If you go over the allotted 60 minutes, you may always go live again for another hour.

Go Live On Instagram

Are you debating whether or not it makes sense to go live on Instagram? Consider these benefits of going live on video.

Show the people behind your brand to your customers to make a more personal connection with them.
Draw in more people.
Share timely information with your audience.
Stories prioritises live-streaming videos.