An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Live Shopping

We won’t sugarcoat it. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that pressing the Live button may be quite nerve-wracking. If you’re nervous about using this Instagram function, you shouldn’t let that stop you.

Lives are a great way for anyone in the creative industries to build genuine relationships with their fans. The best way to get close to your fans is to show up in person and engage with them in real time. Putting yourself out there in this way can help you connect with others on a deeper level and win their trust.

Instance of a Live

Instagram’s Live Shopping function may be used in 101 unique ways. Just four examples are provided below.

Introduction of Products

Whether you’re launching a new collection, range, product, or service, Live Shopping is a fantastic way to generate interest in the release and boost sales.

Critiquing the Product

Before making a purchase, most consumers watch video evaluations online. Consider the immense success of YouTube review and haul channels. Videos are far more convenient than written reviews because of their accessibility and wealth of extra information.

It’s a win-win situation when a host uses a Live to recommend products to viewers and includes a purchasing function so they can buy them right then and there. Customers will be provided with accurate and helpful product details and an easy path to checkout.

Guides and lessons

Frequently, how-to guides are included with product reviews. Whether you sell cosmetics, skin care products, video games, or hair styling tools, taking your online store to the next level by enabling the shopping option is an excellent method to convince customers of the superiority of your wares.

Q&A Round

Customers may have concerns or queries before committing to a purchase of your goods. This final hurdle can be avoided by holding a live Q&A session. You may have a two-way conversation with your followers and respond to their questions instantly.

Advice for a Flawless Live Performance

When money or effort is invested in a live, it needs to go off without a hitch. This is of utmost significance while making use of the Shopping section. You need as many conversions as you can get from your content, therefore you want it to be as effective as possible. To ensure that you are presenting your best effort, consider the following:


If your livestream is interrupted by distracting noise or echoes, you may lose viewers. If you want your sound to be very clear, you should use an external microphone. In-ear headphones with a microphone will suffice.

Shoot in a calm area to cut down on echoes and other unwanted sounds. You might take measures towards soundproofing your filming space by placing rugs in the area.

Luminosity and perspective

Viewers won’t stick around if they can’t see you, so good angles and lighting are just as important as good audio. Put your phone on a tripod so that it is at the ideal viewing height and distance from you. Oh, and make sure the lens on your camera is spotless. A simple glass cleaning with a microfiber cloth can do the trick.

Put a ring light or film in front of a window that lets in a lot of soft natural light to create a strong, even glow. You can expect a polished and expert appearance from your video.


Make sure you go online at the optimal time for maximum efficiency. You can find out when your audience is most engaged by looking at their stats. This will ensure that the greatest number of fans are able to watch.

Next, contemplate your expected lifespan. Make sure you’re live for at least 20 minutes, but ideally 55 to 75. To maximise your audience size, you should wait at least three to ten minutes before diving into the meat of your content.


While we’re on the subject, it’s important for your live’s success to increase your audience’s involvement and encourage them to participate in the conversation.

Inspire participation by addressing each viewer by name, thanking them for participating or sharing, responding to their remarks, and answering their questions.

In what ways can brands and creators work together on Lives projects?

Influencers are the ideal live collaborators for companies because of their on-camera experience, credibility, and large fan bases.

They can also help spread the word about the event so that there are plenty of attendees. They can do this ahead of time, encouraging fans to mark their calendars, and again once the live broadcast starts. You should keep in mind that as soon as an influencer goes live with you, their followers will be alerted. Thousands of people could be notified simultaneously.

Live!’s Checklist for Preparation:

To get your life started off right, please follow these steps.

Pick your leaders carefully

Determine your needs and the type of influencer you want to work with. Which coworkers would you like to have? Do they need a specific audience, level of interaction, or quality of content?

Vamp’s varied user base makes a great first stop. There are a lot of interesting people working there that have experience with Live, and we have special sample tools to assist you select the right one.

Act in advance

After deciding on a key opinion leader, it’s time to brief them. Vamp’s streamlined briefing tool can also assist you in providing an overview, including dos, don’ts, and objectives.

Having a basic guide or script to follow might assist the author field inquiries and make clear calls to action throughout the live event.


Now that we’ve chosen and briefed your influencer, we can start spreading the word and drawing in as many viewers as possible.

Your own social media profiles, as well as those of the influencer you’re working with, are a terrific place to start. Using Stories and in-feed posts, start promoting a week or so before the live.