Here Are Instagram Fashion Brands Every Marketer Should Follow

No other B2C industry has flourished on Instagram like the cosmetics and clothing industries have thanks to their careful curation of pictures, skillfully targeted advertisements, and bold adoption of Instagram Stories.

Some of the most popular apparel brands on Instagram are experts at connecting with their audience, serving as a model for companies in all sectors. We’ve rounded up 30 of the best apparel companies, both established and up-and-coming. Check out our comprehensive guide to Instagram marketing for a more in-depth look at how to establish yourself on Instagram.

Top Instagram Fashion Accounts to Follow

Tweets from: Telfar

Telfar is a high-end fashion label famous for its purses and apparel. It, like many other companies on the list, uses Instagram to spread the word about its wares and to showcase user- and professionally-created content that does the goods justice.

J. Crew (@jcrew)

J.Crew has figured out how to actively interact with their Instagram followers. The feed’s constant updates (in the form of “Stories”), product promotions (which appear directly in the feed), and fashion inspiration all serve to excite users.

Twitter: (at)anthropologie

The stream from Anthropologie is a veritable feast for the eyes, full of vibrant photos of the store’s bold and multicoloured fashions.

Collective of Girlfriends, or “girlfriend”

After promoting free pants, Girlfriend Collective saw a meteoric rise in its social media following. Beautiful photos of its minimalist designs and clever product-related jokes keep its followers interested.

Twitter User Named “BRKLN Bloke”

Brkln Bloke, a streetwear company located in Brooklyn, has perfected the art of sharing its goods in the wild, allowing fans to get ideas for how to don the brand’s offerings.

Nike instagram

The massive athletic company has embraced video content with open arms and routinely posts videos for its staggering 263 million fans to watch. Its brand goal, that Nike is for everyone, is reflected in its feed, which includes inspiring images of professional athletes and regular people.

Instagram: Paloma Wool

Viewers can see a variety of ways that Paloma Wool’s Berlin multi-position belt can be worn in the picture slideshow below. Customers are more likely to buy something they like if they see it being worn or used in a way they can envision themselves doing.

Design icon Kate Spade can be followed on Twitter at @katespadeny.

Kate Spade may be a well-known name, but her Instagram account still maintains a friendly, approachable vibe. Pictures of outfits, New York City, and the creation process at the Kate Spade Studio can be found on its website.

@the_hermoza Hermoza

Hermoza takes advantage of a powerful built-in function of Instagram: shoppable images and a dedicated shopping feed. There is a “View Shop” call to action on every post that takes viewers to a virtual shop where they can learn more about the featured item and buy it without leaving Instagram.

Tweets from “House of Sunny”

House of Sunny’s Instagram strategy is commendable because it provides customers with consistent ideas for how to use the brand’s goods. The brand features a constant Story Highlight titled “As Seen On,” where users can scroll through user-generated content (UGC) to find new methods to wear its products.

The Official Twitter of Eileen Fisher

When you visit Eileen Fisher’s page on Instagram, you’ll see three pinned stories about the company’s commitment to sustainability and the lifecycles of the materials and goods it employs.

Twitter: sandyliang

Sandy Liang has made a name for herself by developing novel takes on household items. The company gives its Instagram fans fashion inspiration by posting lookbooks featuring its clothing and accessories. What to dress to a friend’s house: inspiration from a lookbook.

Shop Asos!

The feed for ASOS, a British online clothing store, is frequently updated with bright, eye-catching images of new products. When compared to other Instagram accounts, it sticks out because it primarily shares videos and only occasionally posts still photographs.

Author: Aerie @aerie

Vacationing in paradise is as easy as checking out Aerie’s Instagram. The underwear and swimwear company has been praised for its dedication to using only natural light in its paper advertisements, a practise it has carried over to its Instagram for a more unified brand presence.

Twitter user Ziran (@theziran)

Ziran is an apparel line that successfully combines traditional Chinese craftsmanship, high design, and eco-friendly manufacturing methods. Instagram posts about the company’s origin story offer followers a look at the creative process behind their favourite brands.

Tweets by Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore announces new products with informative and engaging films tailored to their target audience. For instance, the ad below promotes a future partnership with the durable apparel company Woolrich. The models in the film engage in activities that would normally put regular goods at risk of damage, but the Aime Leon Dore x Woolrich collaboration gear holds up beautifully.

Tweets from “Lisa Says Gah”

It frequently uses Instagram to let its followers know when popular goods are back in supply. Doing so attracts more fans to Instagram because users will recognise the app as a source for timely data on their preferred brands.

Twitter: “fossil”

Fossil’s Instagram is great if you like looking at pictures of carefully arranged objects. An audience’s interest is piqued if they see their favourite performer among the feed’s cuisine, fashion, and celebrity posts, such as those featuring James Phelps, curated by the accessories company.