Author: Billy Young

How to Precisely Identify Your Intended Viewership Before Developing a Social Media Video Campaign?

Virtually every company today recognises the potential of social media video marketing to transform the fortunes of a startup. While the majority of video marketing strategies are successful, others are not.The biggest blunder made by amateur social media marketers is the assumption that high-quality video alone would bring in the customers. Of course, high-quality content […]

Create Your Own Social Media Identity in Easy Steps

One of my responsibilities is to develop and nurture my own personal brand. But its significance is expanding well beyond the domains of influencers, entrepreneurs, and opinion leaders. If you want to stand out in your field, whether you’re an architect, entrepreneur, designer, blogger, lawyer, or something else entirely, investing in your personal brand is […]

4 Effective Ways To Promote IGTV Videos

Nowadays, every company and brand focuses on marketing to increase their business growth. Marketing only works if your niche reaches the right audience at the right time. As per the report of Datareportal, the daily average time spent on social media is 2h 27m. So, promoting your brand on social media channels helps to skyrocket […]

How To Promote Your Brand On TikTok

TikTok has been downloaded 3 million times worldwide on both android and iPhone platforms, and it was considered the most downloaded app globally in 2021. Investors valued TikTok by $50 billion in 2021, which is a significant success for this app.  TikTok app reached a one billion users rate, allowing users to create content entertainingly. […]