TikTok Ads: How To Generate Your TikTok Account To Market Your Brand

TikTok is a great social media platform for all individuals and marketers to promote their business successfully. TikTok has become more popular among teenagers and youngsters. On average, 41% of the TikTok users are aged between 16 to 24 years. It is the fourth most downloaded app in the world. The aim of the TikTok marketing strategy is to impress potential followers and customers, increase interactions, spread brand awareness, build online relationships, and increase sales growth. Within this mind, most marketers use this platform more and more effectively. But, also most of them didn’t know about this platform’s features. In this article, here are some tips about TikTok advertising that generate your account. 

Why Is TikTok More Popular?

There are lots of social platforms growing every day. TikTok is so popular, and it is the trendiest platform in the world. The important reason for this platform’s popularity is its potential growth, and the number of followers counts. TikTok users are able to use effective music and sound effects on their videos. The main feature of TikTok is its short-form videos. TikTok allows up to 15 to 60-second videos. 

Advertising On TikTok 

Advertising is one of the powerful features of all social platforms. The same as the TikTok advertising feature is effective for all marketers to market their brand all over the world. Lots of ways are there to advertise your brand on TikTok. Here are some most effective methods to spread your brand across the world:

Hashtags Challenges 

Hashtag challenges are more popular to reach your brand all over the TikTok users. Videos with hashtags get more engagement and reach than without hashtags. Most of the brands use this feature to increase their brand worldwide. SEO is important for websites, and hashtags are important for social media. Most of the brands and users add hashtags to their challenges that generate a certain task. But make sure to use trending hashtags that are relevant to your videos. 

Challenges can include voting on a specific product, dancing to effective tunes, and sharing their opinions on your products. 

Branded Lenses And Stickers 

It is similar to Snapchat lenses; all the brands and users are able to use these lenses and stickers to make their videos look more beautiful. Also, TikTok offers AR filters for your posts to look more beautiful and get more engagement. If you are new to this platform, initially take more time to create effective videos and get better and more positive results on your page. You can buy TikTok likes instant for getting more user attention, and it is more effective for all the marketers to maximize their brand quickly. 

In-Feed Video Ads

These video ads are more effective and popular among TikTok users. The length of these video ads is 15-seconds. The ad’s call to action helps to reach a particular website, hashtag challenge, or specific app. 

Brand Takeover Ads

These ads are more expensive on this platform because it allows only one brand takeover per category per day. It allows 3-second videos or images or 3 to 5 second GIFs. These ads help to reach a brand’s landing page or specific hashtag challenges. 

Top Views

Top View ads merge the two ads like in-feed ads and brand takeovers. These types of ads are displayed at the top of the user’s feed. So, make sure to use these ads to your brand’s success. 

4 Powerful Ways To Use IGTV & Reels For Your Business

Using IGTV & reels for business is an excellent opportunity for many marketers. IGTV helps promote your products, make tutorials, and DIY, which these kinds of content resonate with audiences and help create a long-term relationship. 

Making IGTV content help to know your product deeply but creating reels content which helps to introduce your product among the audience. Instagram reels use for producing short content in our own way. If you have more followers, you will get more likes and views for your reels videos. If you haven’t more followers, you will buy Instagram reels views to get more views. 

IGTV for Business #1: Create IGTV Series

One of the primary reasons to choose IGTV is taken off because of a unique feature that permits all the users to create “episodic series” on IGTV. In the past years, each video ought to be announced as a one-off. The new series feature provides users to create TV-like “episodic” content centered around a specific topic or theme.

For example, Mejuri is a great example of IGTV series. Every day fine jewelry brands create a series on IGTV called Inbox stories, where influencers have created with their favorite jewelry. 

IGTV for Business #2: Share Product Tutorials and How-To’s

There’s no surprise about IGTV because it allows the long video and reaches more audiences. Also, you can make a long video and get more views for your videos. 

For example, Tarte cosmetics use featuring makeup artists will be producing weekly makeup hacks and product tutorials. It is also ensured to stand on top of the trends, regularly generating highly relevant content that will oscillate with its audience. Tarte’s IGTV presentations of new or popular makeup trends will help their audience recreate the look using their products. 

Hereby they will gain more views for their videos and get extraordinary brand reach. When you want more views, you can buy Instagram TV views for your IGTV videos and get more organic results. Tarte Cosmetics has generated more than 30 videos to their IGTV, adding Q&As, how-to’s, product demos, and more. 

IGTV for Business #3: Keep Consistent

Consistency is the main thing to attract the audience and reach your brand. Frequently posting your videos which helps to get more views and likes for your videos. 

One example of consistency is The Lily News, and these topics are essential to their IGTV community. Behind their especially winning content, what we like about The Lily’s IGTV content is that they sustain a really consistent aesthetic to suit their Instagram feed and stories.

They frequently edit their videos in the combination of black and white or blue, with bursts of color everywhere, and they include these colors differently whether in graphics, text, or other unexpected places. 

IGTV for Business #4: Create Branded Slides

The perfect example for the branded slides is ESPN. ESPN is a powerhouse on IGTV and one of the famous sports networks. They will do all types of content such as behind the scenes, interviews with sports celebrities, and more. 

Despite the variety of content ESPN publishes, it all seems very cohesive, and thanks to their use of branded slides and covers! ESPN’s IGTV content is cut down into easy-to-watch segments with slides and graphs, texts, and timelines ideas that help viewers follow along.

It makes their video super are watchable, animated graphics are perfect for helping the audience completely imagine what the creator is talking about.

Final words:

IGTV is a world popular feature on Instagram. Its uses are significant to all marketers to establish their product in an in-depth way. You can post your video as usual and get likes, views, comments for your videos. If you get more views, you will get more followers to your business. 

5 Best TikTok Ideas To Increase Engagement For Your Videos

TikTok is one of the successful social media platforms with more than 1 billion monthly active users. It is the most downloaded app in the past two years. TikTok is very popular among the Z Generation and kids. 

Most TikTok users are between the age of 15 to 25 years old. If you want to reach those people to increase your engagement, create quality content to get more views and likes. 

One of the essential factors in the TikTok algorithm is the engagement rate. If you want to create a winning TikTok marketing strategy, boost your followers to be involved in your content. 

It will increase your engagement rate and help you to gain more followers to your account. To get more ideas to improve your engagement on TikTok, read this article to learn the interesting tips to boost engagement. 

Idea 1: Post A Question, Poll, Or Quiz Video

One of the best ways to turn your followers into interactive users is by posting questions, polls, and quiz videos. This type of video makes your followers communicate with you and clarify their doubts. If you want to increase your video views, count post quiz videos to get more views. Also, you can buy TikTok more views to boost your views count. Every person likes to see videos with more views, and nobody likes to see videos with zero views count.

By posting quiz and poll videos, you may know your followers’ interests and what type of content they expect from you. Sharing these types of videos will give higher engagement rates to your videos.

Idea 2: Respond To Your followers

After your TikTok followers answer your question videos, you should respond to their comments. If you respond to each comment, people feel very excited to engage with you. Also, it will encourage other users to comment on your videos. Always remember your comments will also be added to calculate your engagement rate. Respond to the comment as soon as possible to increase your TikTok engagement. 

Idea 3: Engage With other Brands

Engaging with other brands helps you to showcase your product to a broader audience. This is an effective way to reach your target audience and get more engagement for your videos. Choose another brand in your industry to make a collaboration. It will give more likes and views for your videos. When partnering with other brands, always remember their audience is also your audience. Make a perfect partner and create attractive videos to reach a massive audience and gain engagement for your TikTok videos. 

Idea 4: Host Contest And Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are one of the simplest ways to increase your followers and boost your engagement rate. Posting contests repeatedly will make your audience follow your TikTok account. Also, it is one of the effective ways to promote your product. If the audience likes your product, they will convert into your customers. Hosting contests and giveaways boost your followers to interact with your brand. 

Idea 5: Share Your TikTok Videos To Other Social Profiles

You can cross-promote your TikTok videos to other social media profiles. Sharing your videos on other platforms helps your audience to recognize your other accounts easily. Share your TikTok videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to get more likes and views for your videos and increase your TikTok engagement simultaneously. Sharing videos on other channels helps you to gain a more new audience to your TikTok profile. 

Things To Remember

The number of followers on your TikTok account doesn’t matter. Creating quality content will attract your audience’s attention and encourage them to give likes and comments for your videos. Use these five ideas to increase engagement for your TikTok videos to gain more followers.